Vane Motor

  • HVK Vane MotorHVK vane motor consists of HVK-A and HVK-S model. The HVK-S model is equipped with HVK-S-DSS type while the HVK-A is equipped with HVK-G-SS type which has large flow and single output shaft and HVK-G-DSS type of product which has large flow, double output shafts and double flange. In addition, the supply of HVK-S oil volume is 310 L/min which is 5 L/min higher than AVK-A series. Besides, our vane motor has faster rated rotary speed which is 43 r/min and slightly higher than that of HVK-A series which is 41.7 r/min.
  • HVL Vane MotorHVL vane motor can bear 14.7 Mpa rated pressure, and comes with 22050 N*M torque and 10.149 L/r displacement. The product consists of HVL-A and HVL-S models while HVL-A model are composed of F2-8134, F2-8135 and F2-8091 type. F2-8091 type vane motor has the fastest rotary speed and 41.3r/min rated rotary speed which can reach 124r/min under high speed roll back speed.
  • HVN Vane MotorHVN vane motor consists of HVN-S and HVN-D model, and they all adopt the output shaft mode with single speed, double output shafts and double flanges. HVN-S model belongs to single speed control and can only support one rotary speed while HVN-D model belongs to double speed control. Its bracket is connected with rotary speed switch valve and double speed motor so that our vane motor can use 88.4r/min low rotary speed and can also switch into 178.6r/min high rotary speed.

Vane Motor
Vane motor belongs to the vane inner curve type with large radial torque. It consists of controller and product body. The controller mainly comprises a valve block, regulating valve, counter balance valve, one-way valve, buffer valve, control valve, an upper casing, a rear cover, control slide valve and tuning transition block while the product body is mainly composed of shell, stator, rotor component and shaft.

When the pressure oil enters the blade from the oil inlet, one side of blade has pressure oil while the other side has lower pressure oil. Meantime, each blade has different extended area due to the adoption of curved stator so that the total oil pressure of one side of blade is greater than reverse total oil pressure of the other side. And then the pressure differential allows the rotor to produce a clockwise torque, thus transferring the oil pressure energy into mechanical energy which is the working principle of vane motor. When changing oil direction, the hydraulic product will reverse.

Our vane motor will generate greater output torque due to its bigger length size difference of the stator curve, larger rotor diameter and higher input pressure. It will be the implementation of execute components (product body) and control components (product controller). At the same time, after equipped with related controller according to different operating conditions, the product can realize single, double or three speed output. The product can be used in single machine and can also be used with more motors in series or parallel, thus making the output torque of the product to achieve greater value.

The vane motor has the advantages of compact structure, small size, low noise contour and long life, etc. Our product has reasonable design and less extra work with 96% mechanical efficiency, which consists of HVK type, HVL type and HVN type. These types of products are equipped with different motor and controller, and the power is not the same. The rated load of HVN, HVK and HVL series is 2.1 tons, 4.35 tons and 6.5 tons respectively. Different load capacity can apply to different hydraulic product system. Our product has the advantages of small moment of inertia and sensitive action so that it can be applied to the occasions with high reversing frequency. However, it is not stable during the low speed operation. Therefore, our product is generally used in the occasions with high speed, small torque and sensitive movement, such as ship cranes, anchor reaming machine and port cranes, etc.

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Other products
  • MCR03 Hydraulic MotorMCR03 hydraulic motor has different displacements, output powers, rated torque and speed range. The product with 160 ml/r displacement has 598 N.M rated torque, 18 kw output power and 0 to 400 r/m speed range, and its maximum continuous speed can stay in the 320 r/m speed. In contrast, product with 400 ml/r displacement has 240 r/m maximum continuous speed and 22 kw output power, and its rated torque can reach 1494 N.M. However, the product can only has 0 to 260 r/m speed range...
  • MCR05 Hydraulic MotorMCR05 hydraulic motor has large displacement which can reach 820ml/r, and it has big power which is very suitable for larger machine with big power requirements. In the series of products, the minimum displacement is 380ml/r, and comes with 1419 N.M rated torque, 220r/m maximum speed and 29kw output power. By contrast, the product with 820ml/r displacement has 3063 N.M rated torque, 150r/m maximum speed and 35kw output power. Our hydraulic motor is widely applied in shearer, skid steer loaders, crushing machine, boring machine, heavy-duty truck and coal mine drilling machine.