MCR Hydraulic Motor

  • MCR03 Hydraulic MotorMCR03 hydraulic motor has different displacements, output powers, rated torque and speed range. The product with 160 ml/r displacement has 598 N.M rated torque, 18 kw output power and 0 to 400 r/m speed range, and its maximum continuous speed can stay in the 320 r/m speed. In contrast, product with 400 ml/r displacement has 240 r/m maximum continuous speed and 22 kw output power, and its rated torque can reach 1494 N.M. However, the product can only has 0 to 260 r/m speed range due to large torque.
  • MCR05 Hydraulic MotorMCR05 hydraulic motor has large displacement which can reach 820ml/r, and it has big power which is very suitable for larger machine with big power requirements. In the series of products, the minimum displacement is 380ml/r, and comes with 1419 N.M rated torque, 220r/m maximum speed and 29kw output power. By contrast, the product with 820ml/r displacement has 3063 N.M rated torque, 150r/m maximum speed and 35kw output power. Our hydraulic motor is widely applied in shearer, skid steer loaders, crushing machine, boring machine, heavy-duty truck and coal mine drilling machine.

MCR Hydraulic Motor

MCR hydraulic motor belongs to radial piston hydraulic product. Thanks to the adoption of hydraulic equipment manufactured by unique control module and selected material, the product has high efficiency and strong anti-pressure capability with 25MPa rated pressure which can also be able to work under 40 MPa pressure. The product has different output power due to its different design. For example, minimum model of the product has 380 ml/r displacement, 598 n.m rated torque and 29 kw output power while maximum model has 820 ml/r displacement, 3063n.m rated torque and 35 kw output power. Our hydraulic motor is widely used in boring machine, scraper, heavy-duty truck, coal mine drilling machine, broken machine and other different machine.

1. MCR hydraulic motor has different product specifications covering all fields of applications, and its displacement ranges from 0.2 L/r to 15L/r.
2. The product can adapt to various application occasions due to its modular concept.
3. Thanks to its free combination of each module, the product does not have repeated configuration structure.
4. Our product has various high performance such as big starting torque, high mechanical and volume efficiency, low noise and small moment of inertia.
5. It adopts hydrostatic power brake and has its inherent characteristics of product design.
6. Also, the product has small overall dimensions, flexible arrangement of machine design and good low-speed performance.

We are a specialized MCR hydraulic motor manufacturer based in China. We offer a vast range of products, including MS hydraulic motor, vane motor, vane motor parts, and more.

Other products
  • HVK Vane MotorHVK vane motor consists of HVK-A and HVK-S model. The HVK-S model is equipped with HVK-S-DSS type while the HVK-A is equipped with HVK-G-SS type which has large flow and single output shaft and HVK-G-DSS type of product which has large flow, double output shafts and double flange. In addition, the supply of HVK-S oil volume is 310 L/min which is 5 L/min higher than AVK-A series. Besides, our vane motor has faster rated rotary speed which is 43 r/min and slightly higher than that of HVK-A series which is 41.7 r/min.
  • HVL Vane MotorHVL vane motor can bear 14.7 Mpa rated pressure, and comes with 22050 N*M torque and 10.149 L/r displacement. The product consists of HVL-A and HVL-S models while HVL-A model are composed of F2-8134, F2-8135 and F2-8091 type. F2-8091 type vane motor has the fastest rotary speed and 41.3r/min rated rotary speed which can reach 124r/min under high speed roll back speed.