Vane Pump

  • SQP Vane PumpThe V series pump core ensures reliable performance and flexible usage.
    The additional pressure-fluctuation damping system largely reduces pressure fluctuation. This ensures further reduced noise.
    Designed with thickened housing, the vane pump is provided with increased strength and anti-vibration capability. Also, this design ensures better noise reduction performance.
  • V/ VQ Pump CoreF3: Fluoro rubber sealing element is utilized;
    When the code is omitted, it means that there is no need to use the sealing element
    XC-single pump core
    Double-pump shaft end pump core
    XCT-double pump cover end pump core
  • VQ Series High Speed Vane PumpThe VQ series high speed vane pump product is designed for use in engineering machinery industry, especially the machines with a walking mechanism. Also, it has found applications in machine tools, plastic processing machinery, die casting machines, and various hydraulic systems. Some of the outstanding characteristics of this product include high pressure, large flow, small size, stable operation, low noise, high volume efficiency, and long lifespan.
  • V Series Low Noise Vane PumpThe V series low noise vane pump is mainly designed for machine tool industry use. It can also be used in plastic processing equipment, rubber processing machinery, die casting machines fields, as well as various hydraulic systems. Adopting the special intra-vane structure design, the product comes with high pressure, large flow, stable running, low noise, high volume efficiency, compact structure and long service life.
    With plug-in mounting structure, the product supports on-site pump core replacement.
Other products
  • WinchThe main parts of the SJ series of hydraulic winch include a hydraulic flow distributor, S type hydraulic motor, Z type braking unit, C type gear reducer, spool, and machine frame. Before operation, clients have to prepare the pump station and directional valve.
    With built-in valve group, the equipment simplifies the hydraulic system, and also improves the operation reliability of the transmission gear. Its built-in hydraulic valve group can effectively avoid the phenomenon ...
  • CBQL Double Gear Pump The CBQL-*5/F5 range of double gear pump is housed in a high strength aluminum alloy housing. Based on multiple advanced technologies, it incorporates an axial clearance compensation system, radial equilibrium system, and DU self-lubricating bearing. It has high volume efficiency, high operation pressure, low operational noise, strong anti vibration performance, and long lifespan. These features make it very popular in engineering industry, as a component of the forklift, wheel loader, excavator, crane, or the road compactor.