We can design and manufacture hydraulic, electric, and manual winches according to clients' demands.

1. SJ series hydraulic ones
The main parts of the SJ series of hydraulic winch include a hydraulic flow distributor, S type hydraulic motor, Z type braking unit, C type gear reducer, spool, and machine frame. Before operation, clients have to prepare the pump station and directional valve.
With built-in valve group, the equipment simplifies the hydraulic system, and also improves the operation reliability of the transmission gear. Its built-in hydraulic valve group can effectively avoid the phenomenon of hook trembling during idle operation, and sliding down during lifting process. Thus, the SJ range is provided with smooth and stable winding up and winding out operations. In addition, the mechanical device features high starting and working efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, compact structure, aesthetical appearance, and good economic efficiency. It is regularly used in the traction apparatus for a gravity crusher, crawler and marine cranes, truck crane, pipelayer, grab bucket, and the drilling machines with crushing function.

2. JM series low speed electric ones
This series of electric winch is primarily used in mining, pulling and daggling fields. It has found wide range of applications in the assembly and disassembly of large and medium sized steel structures, installation and uninstallation of modular-structured construction machines, construction of prefabricated warehouses, and more.

Technical Specifications
Model Line pull (KN) Rope speed (M/min) Rope diameter (mm) Spool (drum) capacity (M) Motor Dimension (mm) Total weight(KG)
Model Power (KW) Length Width High  
JM0.3T 3146*19-6.2 50YEJ80-4 0.7560050026090
JM0.5T 55.56*19-7.7 100YEJ80-4 0.75600500260180
JM 1 T 1015.56*19-9.3 100Y132S-4 5.5850820400260
JM1.5T 1515.56*19-11 80Y132S-4 7.51120850530400
JM2T 2016.56*19-12.5100Y132M-4 7.512101000550600
JM3T 3015.56*37-17.5 150YZR180L-6 1113401310620800
JM5T 5096*37-21.5 150YZR200L-6 1154512908501200
JM6T 6096*37-22.5 200YZR180L-6 1569013558501800
JM8T 809.56*37-26 250YZR225M-8 2270016158502000
JM10T 1008.56*37-28 300YZR200L-6 302045183810002500
JM15T 1506.56*37-39 370YZR225M-8 42465252513005500
JM20T 200106*37-40 370YZR225S-8 5543402430201812600
JM32T 32086*37-52 1*1.5*0.8 YZR280M-6 7550002720243418492
JM50T 50096*37-72 1.6*1.6*0.8YZR355M-6 13277003200300028000

3. JK series fast speed electric ones
This electric winch is mainly used for hoisting and moving heavy cargos. It is suitable for the construction and mining industries, civil construction works, and the small equipment installment.

Technical Specifications
ModelLine pull (KN)Rope speed (M/min)Rope Diameter (mm)Spool (Drum) capacity (M)MotorDimension (mm)Total weight (KG)
JK0.3T 3206*19-6.250YEJ90S-4 1.160050026090
JK0.5T 5256*19-7.7100Y100L1-4 2.2710655350180
JK 1T 10256*19-9.3 100Y132S-4 5.5850820400260
JK1.5T 15286*19-11 80Y132M-4 7.51120890530400
JK2T 2016.56*19-12.5100Y132M-4 7.512101000550600
JK3T 30256*37-17.5150YZR180L-6 1513401310620800
JK5T 50206*37-21.5150YZR200L-6 22154514658501200
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