Gear Pump

  • CBQL Double Gear Pump The CBQL-*5/F5 range of double gear pump is housed in a high strength aluminum alloy housing. Based on multiple advanced technologies, it incorporates an axial clearance compensation system, radial equilibrium system, and DU self-lubricating bearing. It has high volume efficiency, high operation pressure, low operational noise, strong anti vibration performance, and long lifespan. These features make it very popular in engineering industry, as a component of the forklift, wheel loader, excavator, crane, or the road compactor.
  • CBW Gear PumpThe CBW-*3 series of gear pump has its housing made of aluminum alloy to ensure high structure strength. For the purpose of achieving reliable performance and long service life, it incorporates an axial clearance compensation system, radial equilibrium system, and DU self-lubricating bearing. Characterized by high volume efficiency, low operational noise, and high vibration resistance, the gear pump is widely used in excavators, canes, road rollers, forklifts, wheel loaders, and other engineering equipment...
  • Komatsu704, 705 Gear PumpThe Komatsu gear pump has high operating pressure, low noise generation, long service life, as well as high efficiency at high temperatures. With rigid and compact structure design, it can be installed in a limited space, and delivers a great number of functions. It offers wide range of displacements, from 0.30 in³/rev (4.95cm³/rev) to 9.20 in³/rev (150.79 cm³/rev).
    Its maximum operating pressure is up to 785 psi (330 bar), and maximum speed is up to 4000 r.p.m.
Other products
  • A2F Bent Axis Pump MotorThe pump motor is one of the categories of axial piston pump with a bent axis. It offers fixed displacement, and supports hydrostatic transmission in an open or closed circuit system. It can act as either a pump or a hydraulic motor, and is commonly used in the open or closed type hydraulic systems of the engineering machinery, mining equipment, ships, and more.
    When it serves as a stand alone pump, its flow varies in direct proportion to the revolution speed and ...
  • A4VSO Piston PumpThe piston pump offers extraordinary suction performance, and features fast control response.
    It offers low noise generation, long lifespan, and superior power weight ratio.
    With through-shaft design, multiple products can be combined to use.
    The flow is proportional to the drive speed and displacement. The displacement can be adjusted by adjusting the swash plate angle, and the displacement adjustment can be achieved via a complete range ...