Piston Pump

  • A2F Bent Axis Pump MotorThe pump motor is one of the categories of axial piston pump with a bent axis. It offers fixed displacement, and supports hydrostatic transmission in an open or closed circuit system. It can act as either a pump or a hydraulic motor, and is commonly used in the open or closed type hydraulic systems of the engineering machinery, mining equipment, ships, and more.
    When it serves as a stand alone pump, its flow varies in direct proportion to the revolution speed and ...
  • A4VSO Piston PumpThe piston pump offers extraordinary suction performance, and features fast control response.
    It offers low noise generation, long lifespan, and superior power weight ratio.
    With through-shaft design, multiple products can be combined to use.
    The flow is proportional to the drive speed and displacement. The displacement can be adjusted by adjusting the swash plate angle, and the displacement adjustment can be achieved via a complete range ...
  • A7V Variable Displacement PumpThis variable displacement pump in bend axis design is applicable for hydrostatic transmissions in an open circuit. Its flow is in direct proportion to the drive speed and displacement, and the flow can be smoothly adjusted under constant drive speed condition. It is available with a great variety of control methods, and supporting mineral oil and non-flammable liquids.
  • A10VSO Variable Displacement Piston PumpThe product supports ISO or SAE flange mounting, and also support UNC thread system.
    It has two drainage ports on the housing, and superior suction performance.
    The maximum continuous operation pressure is up to 28Mpa, and the operation noise is very low.
    The drive axle is able to bear both axial and radial loadings.
  • CY14-1B Axial Piston PumpThe CY14-1B axial piston pump is equipped with a valve plate and a cylinder block. In order to reduce the friction between the piston shoe and the wear plate, as well as the friction between the cylinder block and the valve plate, the product is designed with a hydrostatic balance system. This design provides the product with longer service life. Also, the product has other features such as simple structure, high efficient, light weight, and strong self-suction capability.
  • RK Radial Piston PumpThe RK range of radial piston pump offers good performance, and has features like simple use, long service life, high efficiency, good self-suction capability, etc. It is designed to offer pressure oil in a hydraulic system. With simple structure, it is convenient for installation. Its maximum operating pressure is 100Mpa.
    This kind of product can be classified into single-row piston and double-row piston types, in accordance with the...
Other products
  • A6V Variable Displacement MotorWith hydrostatic transmissions, this range of variable displacement motor has wide displacement control range. It supports secondary control regulation with various control devices. It offers increased maximum output speed under reduced swivel angle conditions.
    Due to the elimination of gear shifts, and the possibility of using smaller pumps, the product is cost saving. Meanwhile, it offers high power density, high efficiency, good starting performance, and low moment of inertia.
  • GM Star Shaped MotorDue to the eliminated side loading between the swiveling cylinder and piston, the piston foot with hydrostatic balance design, as well as the roller bearing utilized for torsion transmitting between the piston and the crankshaft, the GM range of star shaped motor comes with reduced friction loss during load transmitting process. This also contributes to very high mechanical efficiency, and high starting torque. The mechanical efficiency while starting is up to 0.92 or above.