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Main Products
  • MCR05 Hydraulic MotorMCR05 hydraulic motor has large displacement which can reach 820ml/r, and it has big power which is very suitable for larger machine with big power requirements. In the series of products, the minimum displacement is 380ml/r, and comes with 1419 N.M rated torque, 220r/m maximum speed and 29kw output power. By contrast, the product with 820ml/r displacement has 3063 N.M rated torque, 150r/m maximum speed and 35kw output power. Our hydraulic motor is widely applied in shearer, skid steer loaders, crushing machine, boring machine, heavy-duty truck and coal mine drilling machine.
  • HVL Vane MotorHVL vane motor can bear 14.7 Mpa rated pressure, and comes with 22050 N*M torque and 10.149 L/r displacement. The product consists of HVL-A and HVL-S models while HVL-A model are composed of F2-8134, F2-8135 and F2-8091 type. F2-8091 type vane motor has the fastest rotary speed and 41.3r/min rated rotary speed which can reach 124r/min under high speed roll back speed.