Our product consists of four series motors which are vane type, MCR hydraulic type, MS hydraulic type and hydraulic product parts. We mainly produce the MCR/MS series hydraulic product which is namely low-speed high torque hydraulic type which adopts the structure of inner curve radial piston.

1. The product can be directly connected with working mechanism without the need of speed reducer, thus greatly simplifying the transmission mechanism. It has larger output torque which can up to from thousands of N.m to tens of thousands of N.m.
2. The five-star, ball and cycloid motor have relatively low pressure which is 15-20 MPa while the pressure of our product can be 25 MPa which can achieve maximum 40 MPa pressure.
3. Our product has large output torque with a small size while five-star product should has 2-3 times larger size in order to achieve the same output torque.
4. General hydraulic components allow no back pressure. On the contrary, MS/MCR series need certain back pressure in order to ensure its balance, thus allowing roller and track to keep in contact. Otherwise, the roller will separate from the track and impact the stator orbit plane which will influence the normal use of the product.